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Welcome the the Valley of the Dragons

I understand that you wish an audience with Queen Draakanae. Please be patient, and She will arrive shortly to listen to your request. While you wait, we do have a "visitor's area" that you may explore. When the Queen is ready to see you, you will be called upon.

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Wisps of Smoke
by Jonathan C. Martin
Wherefore have I been plagued with lofty dreams
that are so oft' beyond this mortal's reach?
They never will be true it sometimes seems
and sorrow threatens, this heart's walls, to breach
It felt at times a foolish child's desire
to feel the rush of wind beneath my wings,
to challenge the Sun's fervour with my fire
and with draconic voice make anthems ring
Is it too much to hope that someday I
through some means as yet unbeknownst may soar
perchance to join those rulers of the sky
and live with them as family evermore?
I grow e'er certain that there is a way
and I will seach for't past my dying day...

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By: Maria Adriana Van Daalen Wetters

Her face glistens with rays
Of golden light from the
Sun. The face is that of an
Angel, but shows a knowledge
Of a far more Superior Being.

The eyes are bright sapphire
Orbs, with flecks of silver
Sprouting from the pupils.
They look soft, caring, and
Understanding; something one
Would see talking to an old
Wise man.

Her nose is small, button-like.
The nostrils flare slightly with
Slow and calm breaths. It
Is perfectly proportioned
With the rest of her face and
Reflects glitters that
Shine brightly in the sunlight.

The lips are soft and sensual
With just a slight pucker. They are
Slightly parted. Showing
Brilliantly aligned teeth.
Frosty air flows gently from
Her mouth, finishing
This masterpiece that is kissable
Yet forbidden.

This face, so radiant and sinfully
Perfect isn't the face of an angel.
It is the face of a Goddess.
The Eternal Mother.

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You are the victim

By: Maria Adriana Van Daalen Wetters

Cast behind the shadows
Underneath the darkened
Sun and through the
Oversized buildings of my
Imagination awaits The Eyes.

It can reach me through
Any obstacle, maze, and
Delay. I attempt to
Hide, but in vain.

They see me, call me, taunt me;
They laugh and play because
They know that I cannot
Run from the truth.

The ring of Dragons site is owned by Draakana
Maria Adriana Van Daalen Wetters.

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Maria Adriana Van Daalen Wetters

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